Thursday, May 6, 2010

Try to continue

School is getting more and more troublesome.Homework , projects , cocuriculum , and tuition is causing me to have a big headache , well need to put up with this only for 7 months only then FREEDOM! Today didn't study much.Chemistry only revision,Add Math revision, Agama revision.Then Physic not in class , painting the Bilik Kesihatan(troublesome work) then lepak in class for Modern Maths.How sweet life is, if only everyday it is like this.Tilak refused to stay back as it is his birthday, Nara absent. At last I, Kritz and Daniel are the only one cleaning the room.Just hope no more painting or cleaning for tommorow and rest of my school life.

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Japanese Saying

One kind word warms three winter

Prophet Mohammad

Those who are being kind to the creatures of god is being kind to himself.