Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sura a SUPERB movie!

Woke up very late today about 11:30 ,guess still tired from the trip.I went to Midvalley. There I saw our chemistry teacher, Pn.Loh and my old friends that is Kristen,Tan Yong Sern and Adam. Bought a ticket to watch Sura -Vijay The Illayathalapathy 50th movie presented by Kalanithi Maran at 2:30pm. The movie lasted for 2hours 45 minutes but is not boring at all. It is full with action, suspense and comedy. Vadivelu and Vijay make a good comedy team-up, Vijay followed more to MGR's style which he modified and it fits him perfectly. Everything was superb the story plot, the song and most importantly Vijay's dance movement, its totally awesome. This is a must watch movie for Vijay fans and all Tamil movie fans.

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