Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A day it had been,not so wonderful it seems.First, I had to ride a motorbike to get to school. Then need to dash into staff room to find the papers are wet(Star Paper).There is also that annoying Nara causing headache the whole day long.My plan for G.I.JOE is cancelled so I think next week will do.Bleach is getting quite interesting with the appearance of visored anyway I need to go now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day of Hardwork

Well I really don't feel like doing my add maths,i kinda having a headache.I also need to finish my sejarah power slide and my utterly annoying sivik folio.Not to forget the work our bm teacher gave and topped up with the frustration that I will never be able to watch G.I.JOE this weekend.Did anyone notice that physic diagnostic paper is easier than chemistry and biology paper?At Deen today,I, Daniel ,Nara ,Hari and Saiful was asked by some random guy if we smoke?(we answered no of course). He complimented saying bagus and that we are murid contoh, then he went to the a gang of guys sitting nearby and insulted them saying bodoh for smoking.Later from Daniel I found out that the guy was a undercover police.Laughter of The Day:I went to Kar Mern to say something about what Nara had told me,before I even told her he ran like he was being chased by a tiger(to laugh,you shoul see it with your own eyes).The best part is now I will be able to threaten Nara, he,he,he,he!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Begining

Well, I have deleted my past posts.When I compare my posts with my other friends, mine looked ridiculous so I terminated my old posts. Harry Potter and Half-blood Prince was certainly enjoyable to watch but it is a bit out of the plot.I was expecting more actions but instead romance is potrayed alot in this movie.It was certainly one of the best movie of the year but I think Prisoner of Azkaban is much better than this movie.Today Old Klang Road was having traffic jam from morning 8 o clock till night.It took me almost an hour to reach my tuition nearby Pearl Point, all this because of that ISA demonstration.What a nuisance.

Japanese Saying

One kind word warms three winter

Prophet Mohammad

Those who are being kind to the creatures of god is being kind to himself.