Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Got my Trial Exam result, not satisfied at all felt so downcast.GOT 7a2b.Tommorow all my classmates planning not to go to school so not sure if I wanna go or not.Start writing a fantasy story ...already did a draft for 1 page ,another 359 page to go I guess.THERE is about freakin 34 days left for SPM...dunt even know how to handle the pressure and the tension.I m about to snap pretty soon.I also managed to ruin someone's party in school,hoping that it will be a disaster.Guess going through a hectic day still got time to disturb other people's life.Still angry at tth, that retard showing a sad face eventhough got almost all A+.....dunt know how to be thankful I guess that guy.

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Japanese Saying

One kind word warms three winter

Prophet Mohammad

Those who are being kind to the creatures of god is being kind to himself.